Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.


In generally most of all people prefer to travel abroad with a companion because they feel uneasy when they visit an unknown place, but I prefer to travel alone for the following reasons.

First, I would be free to go anywhere, anywhen and anyhow if I traveled alone. I have been abroad several times, and when I visited Australia with my friend, I was not able to go the place I want to go a lot of time. I prefer to go to a place where have big nature such as Cairns, but he prefered to go to a modern place such as Sydney. As a result, I often could not visit my favorite place. Then I wished I were free when I visited a foreign country and actually, I have done it. As this example illustrates, I prefer to travel alone more than with a companion.

Second, traveling alone makes my trip remain original. I have been to US for sightseeing for eight night and nine days. Then I visited a lot of cities, San Fransisco, Los Angels, San Diego, Tijuana, Mexico, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. I love such an extrem busy trip, but maybe most of all people would not prefer to go with me on this plan. Of course, I like to have a trip abroad with my friends too, but I hate to change my plan. So I strongly hope that I go abroad on my original plan because I have felt happier traveling alone than with a companion. This example strongly demonstrates that I prefer to travel alone more than with a companion.

In conclusion, I strongly prefer to travel alone.