Today’s topic is about “urban life” and “rural life”. Which do you like to live in?

Some people may believe that there are all in urban life and there is nothing in rural life. Do you think that is correct? I don’t necessarily think so. Instead, switching gear, I believe we can consider as fallows. “We will have all in rural life and we won’t in urban life mentally”.

As for urban life, I think it is very limited to have choices to live in a really sense. It may seem there are truly various kinds of lifestyle in it but they have already been developed by someone. Therefore, I think there is almost no room to create our ideal lifestyle freshly any more.

By contrast, we will be able to have unlimited choices to live by creating our ideal lifestyle in rural life if we hope. There is unlimited wide “scope for imagination” in there, in the phrase of “Anne of Green Gables”. So you will ultimately be freer to choose life in rural towns or villages than urban cities.

What do you think is “real life”? I think “real life” is to shape and create our own life by ourselves. It’s very basic things: clothing, food and housing. It’s never business things that people do to make money for buying services of supporting their real life insted of them. Many modern people have placed on such the businesses at the biggest part of their lives. In the sense, I think, to people in urban area, it is so hard for them that we can get such the “real life” because living in modern area prevents people from being aware of it..