Poverty in the Urban Communityクラスで提出した、マイケル・ムーアの最新映画「Capitalism: A Love Story」のためのエッセーです。

This documentary film shows all about the American way of capitalism. It enables people to unlock ambitions to make a profit on totally anything. Today, how would buccaneers of Wall Street, the banks, and insurance companies behave with it? How would the unlimited desires have influence on the rest of the people? The film shows the cause and effect, introducing various actual cases, sometimes with humor and sometimes with rage.

1. What does the film suggest about why the United States sustains such high levels of poverty?

The Capitalism can widen the gap between rich and poor unlimitedly because it allows individuals to make a profit freely only for them, not for the public. In such a free-market, some individuals can rapidly build wealth more than five times than the others. Today, in the United States, by controlling political or judicial power and exploiting others, only a part of people can build unbelievable wealth. For example, The PA Childcare, a privatized youth detention center in Pennsylvania, makes a large profit in this way. They ask crooked local judge to force kids to go to the detention center without a fair justice. And then, in the center, they can extend a release term of the kids if they want, to make more profit with the free labors. Unmerciful criminal behaviors of this kind are already committed everywhere in the U.S. invisibly. They are absolutely triggered by the American way of capitalism and accelerate poverty at an irremediable pace.

2. What does it suggest about our system of democracy as a means of ensuring that Americans can pursue life, liberty, and happiness?

At its heart, democracy requires the politics “we” conduct, welfare for all of us, and union protected from any other powers. However, unfortunately, any of them are not protected in many cases in the United States. Evil desires derived from only a part of people invent the system of free-market and free-trade and enable people to make unlimited profit on absolutely anything even on a political realm. Thus, in such a situation, some try to use politics to their advantages. For example, buccaneers of some banks and insurance companies are suspected of building unbelievable wealth in conspiracy with the former president by setting up a depression. The depression happened two months ago from the end of the president’s term. This timing is really suspicious. Even though many people, including congressmen from the opposite party, tried to prevent from passing money to such banks and insurance companies, the president just signed. Nevertheless, such companies provided generous supports by the government do not take care of laid-off employees generated by the depression. For what do we pay tax? Who decide the way of using taxpayer money? Who must protect people’s welfare? Is this democracy? It’s absolutely not.

3. Does the film help you to understand why so many have lost their jobs, incomes, and wealth (homes, savings accounts, businesses)? Why or why not?

As I stated above, only a portion of private companies can be protected by the crooked government and only a portion of them can built unlimited wealth. Additionally, the companies do not consider getting across enough insurance for all workers in the nation because it is not profitable to them. Hence, some are already in a considerable level of poverty. To maintain their lives, many of them must have a second job with unthinkable pressures of being fired by the employers. They are obviously forced to overwork. For example, a pilot whose job is viewed as longed-for job is no exception. In case of a fall accident, even though the pilot tends to be blamed, in many cases, the causes are derived from the working environment in which the workers are forced to overwork. In such an unreasonable working condition, many more people give up hope. They loose not only their jobs and incomes but also wealth by a back-scratcher who takes advantage of their weaknesses with police power. For instance, some banks bounce out families from their houses, which are confiscated because of a foreclosure, with police power and the other buccaneers appear to get these properties at a bottom price to make a profit, which is also profitable for the banks. This negative spiral has established such an extreme poverty that is similar to that of third world countries within the U.S.